Beastquest: Epos the Flame Bird

Written by Adam Blade
Illustrated by Adam Blade

Reviewed by Parker K. (age 7)

My favourite character is Tom, because he is adventurous like me. He is chosen to free six major beasts. Elenna his friend, helps Tom on his way to free them. They both try to free Epos, but it isnít easy to fight against the most powerful beast . They work their way to a volcano to free Epos. But on their way they have lots of adventures together but you have to find out if they can free all six beasts and return safely home.

Beastquest is a series of books about major beasts and Tomís quest to free them all. I like this book because Tom finally meets Malvel. He is my least favourite character because he is evil.

I like this book because its scary! I would recommend this book to children who like beasts and monsters.

Parker K. is a student in Jana's 3rd Grade Class