A-Z Mysteries: The Invisible Island

Written by Ron Roy

Reviewed by Federico B. (age 8)

Dink, Josh and Rose like solving crimes! Join them on a picnic on an island were they find a 100 dollar-bill, and a secret safe.

I like this book cause the ending is a bog surprise and you wouldn’t expect it!

My favourite character is Josh because he is very clever and figures out the culprit from the beginning. Dink reminds me of me because he is smart, blond and has blue eyes.

Ron wrote another 17 books about Dink, Josh and Rose that you need to check out if you like this one. They are all excellent! I like this book as its mysterious and the ending is a surprise. It’s a good read and very funny too. I would recommend this book to Year 3 – Year 6 and give it 5 stars!

Federico B. is a student in Jana's 3rd Grade Class