The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp

Written by Dan Ya ccarino

Reviewed by Jacob B. (age 8)

I read "The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp" by Rick Yancey. This book is about a boy who has to save the world because a bad guy steals Excalibur from the good guys and tries to take over the world. He builds an army along the way, but Alfred and Benocio stop him.

I think this book was good because there was a lot of surprises and violence. The big ideas in this book were when Mogart thought he could take over the world and Alfred thought he could stop him. My favorite part was when Alfred and Benocia are in a Ferrari on the highway when a bunch of bad guys come up on motorcycles. One rider does a flip in the air and Benocio shoots him right in the gas taken with a bow and arrow, and it blows up. I think this book was good because there was lots of excitement, like when Alfred kills Mogart. My favorite characters were Alfred and Benocio because they are good fighters and very brave.

I would recommend this book for kids eight through 14 years who like action and adventures.

Jacob B. is a student in Mrs. Christiano's 2nd/3rd Grade Class