Froggy's Baby Sister

Written by Jonathan London • Illustrated by Frank Remklewlez

Reviewed by AW (age 9)

The book, Froggy's Baby Sister, took place at Froggy's house. The main character of the story was Froggy. Froggy was going to have a sister, but he was hoping he would have a baby brother. This made Froggy sad. The problem in the story was that Froggy didn't want a sister, he wanted a brother.

My favorite part of the book was when Froggy's mom and dad came home from the hospital with the baby. This was my favorite part because Froggy hit his head. Froggy and his Baby Sister became good friends, and he was glad he had a sister. The book reminded me of when my mom and dad came home with by baby brother. I think you will enjoy this book because it is fun and funny. It is easy to read.

AW is a student in Mrs. Boyd's 1st Grade through 3rd Grade Class