Olivia and the Missing Toy

Written by Ian Falconer • Illustrated by Ian Falconer

Reviewed by Nicole E (age 7)

You should read Olivia because it is a great book. First Olivia couldn't find her toy because her dog ate her toy and broke it in pieces. Next, Olivia went to the kitchen and asked her dad to fix her toy. Then she fixed it by herself. She put it together again. Last she was happy again. She couldn't stop smiling.

I felt really scared because Olivia is scared of the dark. She is a great sister. My sister Brooke is a great sister, too. Olivia has two brothers. Olivia is a great book and I like Olivia because she is scared of the dark and I am scared of the dark. I think the pictures are great because she always looks like a different pig. Her ears stick up like a knife. My favorite part is when Olivia went into the kitchen because she looks so cute. My other favorite part is when she looked around for her toy with a candle. I was thinking that Olivia would find her toy. She was astonished and so was I. Olivia and the Missing Toy is so funny.

Everybody should read Olivia because it is a great book. Olivia is so great that she knocks my head off. If you like the other Olivia books then you will like this one.

Nicole E is a student in Annie and Tara's 2nd Grade Class