Quisiera tener lentes como Rosa/ I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa

Written by Kathryn Heling • Illustrated by Bonnie Adamson

Reviewed by Melvin M. (age 5)

The story “Quisiera tener lentes como Rosa,” is about a girl who wants to have eyeglasses like her friend Rosa. She tries different eyeglasses from other people around her house.

My favorite part is when the girl makes a pair of eyeglasses with play dough because the eyeglasses began to melt after she wore them and that was very funny.

I enjoy the story because the girl (we don’t know her name) makes funny things to have a pair of eyeglasses like playing with her grandmother’s eyeglasses, her father’s eyeglasses and the eyeglasses that had the wiggle eyes.

I would like my mother, my father, my aunt and my uncle to read this book because I use eyeglasses and I imagine the things that Rosa’s friend did to have eyeglasses will make them laugh.

(The review was dictated in Spanish-teacher translated it.)

Melvin M. is a student in Mrs. Lopez's Kindergarten Class