The Time Warp Trio Tut Tut

Written by Jon Scieszka • Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Bruce B. (age 8)

Sam, Fred, and Joe made a science project about Egypt. Then they warped to the past. They met this guy named Hatsnat. Joe made him turn into a statue. Then they met this guy named Hatshepsut and discovered that Anna was Joe’s sister. He sent his men to go look for her. They looked in the courtyard but they were already home. Read this book to find out how this happened!

This book is like other Time Warp Trio books because they are all about the same boys, Sam, Fred, and Joe. My favorite part was when they got sucked into the past. I liked the characters in the book because they are funny, especially Joe and all the tricks he does.

I recommend this book to children ages nine to thirteen because it has some big words younger kids wouldn’t know.

Bruce B. is a student in Mrs. Jerome and Mrs. Poitra's 2nd-3rd Grade Class