Hungry, Hungry Sharks

Written by Joanna Cole

Reviewed by Ryan T (age 11)

The book I read is Hungry, Hungry Sharks, by Joanna Cole. It is nonfiction about the sharks that live in our oceans. There were sharks as far back as dinosaur times. There are no more dinosaurs, but the sharks are still around. There are at least three hundred kinds of sharks, some nice and some mean. The biggest shark in the sea is the whale shark, and it is very gentle. I heard that the whale shark is bigger than a bus. If you want to learn more about sharks, you should read this book.

I liked this book because it is about sharks and I like learning about sharks. I learned some interesting facts, for example, there are at least three hundred kinds of sharks. One kind, a great white, is interesting because he sometimes attacks people. I would not want to go into the water where there are great white sharks. I learned that blue sharks follow ships. It was my favorite part because I learned they hear people talking on the ships. This was interesting because I did not know sharks' hearing was that good. This book also has colorful drawings that could help you understand the book. The beautiful blue ocean pictures remind me of Jamaica. Hungry, Hungry Sharks is an informational book. It is full of facts about sharks.

I would recommend this book to any young new reader. I think it might make a reader dream about himself as a scientist that studies sharks. They will learn that sharks have small brains but many large teeth!

Ryan T is a student in Mrs. Grunow's 5th Grade Class