The Girl With 500 Middle Names

Written by Margaret P. Hoddix

Reviewed by Shannon C. (age 9)

I like this book because it?s funny. A girl named Janie moved and started to go to a new school. At her old school there were all poor kids. Now, when she gets to her new school, all the kids are rich and have fancy clothes. Janie feels weird, but then she meets Kimberly and they become best friends.

I didn?t like the character Krissy in this book. Krissy was a bully at Janie?s old school. I also didn?t like Cassandra. She is a know-it-all. I am glad that Janie stood up to Krissy.

I liked the illustrations. They look cool. They were black and white and looked fuzzy.

I recommend this book to others because it is funny. It shows that it doesn?t matter if you are poor or rich because we can all be friends. It was a very interesting book!

Shannon C. is a student in Miss Stolzenberg's 3rd Grade Class