A to Z Mysteries: The School Skeleton

Written by Ron Roy
Illustrated by John Gurney

Reviewed by Emily K. (age 8)

Have you ever had a school skeleton that got lost? In this book, the school nurse, Mrs. Shotsky lost the schools skeleton and it is up to Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose to find out what happened to it. They found a foot print where the skeleton was last seen and it was in a zigzag pattern. Did the skeleton get stolen, borrowed, or just misplaced? You will just have to read the book to find out.

I liked this book because it was interesting and the characters were funny and exciting. Josh changes throughout the story because in the beginning he isn't nice to Dink, but then becomes nicer by the end. My favorite part of this book was when Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose found a red herring. This threw me off the track of figuring out what happened to the skeleton. It made me want to keep reading because I wasn't sure if it was a good clue or not. This story reminds me of when I lost my toy dog. I looked for clues to where I last put it down. This is the same because in this book the school skeleton was lost and so was my toy dog. I had to use clues to help me, just like Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose.

I would recommend this book for students in grades 2-4 because it is easy. This was a good book because the author gives you mind pictures of the story so you really feel like you are experiencing the mystery with Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose. This book is a good choice for kids who love to read this series or mysteries.

Emily K. is a student in Mrs. Mangini's 3rd Grade Class