Miss Smith's Incredible Story Book

Written by Michael Garland

Reviewed by Julissa G. (age 7)

I hate school from last year because our teacher was boring. Then a new teacher knocked on the door. Her name was Miss Smith. Miss Smith read on incredible story. All the characters came out of the book. One day Miss Smith was late; then she said I bet there is a bit of trouble. Miss Smith went in the school. She took the book andÖ

I think the book is exciting because it has magic. Itís magic because all the characters came out of the book. My favorite part was when all the characters were all over the school and having fun. It reminds me of when my 1st grade teacher and my Mom read us a book about Little Red Riding Hood one of the characters in this book.

Yes! I recommend the book because it has fairy tale characters. My friends that are in the 2nd grade like me and maybe my teacher would read it too. It might interest readers when the characters came out of the book because in other books of fairy tales, the characters are normally in the book.

Julissa G. is a student in Ms. Johnson's 2nd Grade Class