Burnt Toast on Davenport Street

Written by Tim Egan

Reviewed by Jaelyen H. (age 10)

Jaelyen ill.jpg

The story is about Arthur and how he gets three wishes. Arthur and Stella were on Davenport Street and everything was nice, not perfect, but nice. When Arthur was about to make breakfast a fly flew through the window and buzzed around Arthur. The fly told Arthur that he was a wishing fly. One day Arthur told Stella about his three wishes. These wishes lead Arthur and Stella on many adventures. They soon learn that there?s no where they?d rather be than home.

I like the book very much! There are three reason that I really like the book. First, it has an interesting title. Second, it tells how Arthur gets his three wishes. Third, it was really funny how Arthur and Stella?s bed went to an exotic island and how they got back to Davenport Street.

I recommend this book to people like my friend Jessica. I recommend this book to people like her because she watches a lot of dog movies and reads a lot of dog books. The book was really exciting!

Jaelyen H. is a student in Mrs. Friedrichs' 4th Grade Class