The Grumpy Morning

Written by Pamela Edwards
Illustrated by Darcia Labrosse

Reviewed by Troy S. (age 6)


The story was about a cow who woke up wanting to be milked and other animals who were very grumpy becasue they were hungry and hadn't been fed. The farmer was sleeping and the animals all went to her house and woke her up. Then the farmer fed them and loved them all.

I liked this story because all of the animals talked to each other and to the farmer. It was unusual to see farm animals in a bedroom. This story had a lot of rhyming words and was fun to read.

I recommend this story to other kids who like animals. You would be grumpy too if you didn't get to eat breakfast like the animals in the story.

Troy S. is a student in Mrs. Swain's 1st Grade Class