Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home!

Written by Hans de Beer

Reviewed by Christian L. (age 7)


This story is about a polar bear who takes a little tiger home. First, Lars, the little polar bear, was in a big snow junkyard. He went to a train, and in the train was a little tiger. He was eating chicken. Little Polar Bear was shocked! Little Polar Bear got in the train because the tiger was lost! The tiger told Little Polar Bear everything. Then they accidently went to sleep. They woke up scared. They got out of the train. Little Polar Bear got the tiger home. The dad tiger took Little Polar Bear home too.

I liked this book because Little Polar Bear is brave. This book is the same as the other Little Polar Bear books because he always goes on adventures. I like to read Little Polar Bear books because Little Polar Bear is really brave at taking animals home and all those other things. My favorite part was when Lars, the little polar bear, found the tiger because the tiger was surprised.

I would recommend this book to someone else because maybe they would like Little Polar Bear books too.

Christian L. is a student in Miss Pecanic's 2nd Grade Class