Skeleton Man

Written by Joseph Bruchac
Illustrated by Joseph Bruchac

Reviewed by Adam T. (age 8)


This story is about a girl named Molly. Molly finds her parents didn't come home. Somebody who claimed to be her uncle brought her to his house. He locked her in her room at night. He put drugs in her food. She tried to tell somone at school, but they didn't believe her. At night, she dreamed about Skelton Man and the rabbit. The rabbit was like a guide. He showed her a bridge to get away from Skeleon Man. She found out her parents were buried alive in his shed. Can she save her parents and kill Skeleton Man? Read this book and find out.

I think this book was great! So far, it is my favorite book because it was scary. This is the first scary book I've ever read. My favorite character is Skeleton Man. I like the part where he eats his own flesh off his bones. That was cool! I like the part where Skeleton Man falls in the river. He deserved to go down after he kidnapped Molly's parents and treated Molly badly.

I recommend this book a lot because it's scary and ineresting. Middle grade kids to adults will like it!

Adam T. is a student in Mrs. Weidemann's Class