Last One in is a Rotten Egg

Written by Leonard Kessler
Illustrated by Leonard Kessler

Reviewed by Brett S. (age 7)


It was so hot. There was nothing to do. So Bobby and Willy went swimming. On the way they saw Freddy. They asked him if he could go swimming. So he asked his mom and she said, "Yes". There were two other boys and they pushed Freddy into the pool. The next day, they asked Tom to teach Freddy how to swim in the deep end.

I like this book because it reminds me of my brother and when he learned how to swim in the deep end. I like the part when Freddy got out of the pool and told the two boys to stop pushing little kids into the pool. Bobby and Willy got out of the pool and said, "He's right!"

I recommend this book to everyone because it's funny. There are other books by Leonard Kessler. Two of my favorites are Kick, Pass and Run and Old Turtle's 90 Knock Knock Jokes and Riddles.

Brett S. is a student in Mrs. O'Hanlon's 2nd Grade Class