Young Cam Jansen and the Double Beach Mystery

Written by David A. Adler
Illustrated by Susanna Natti

Reviewed by JJ C. (age 9)


Have you lost a pet? Cam Jansen helps find Poochie the famous television dog. Poochie was stolen from the book store. Will she use her amazing memory to solve the case? Will Poochie be found? Read the story to find out.

I think the book is cool because I like dogs. It reminds me of a time when I lost my puppy. We found him in the woods.

People should read Cam Jansen because it’s good for learning new things. Children will enjoy trying to guess how the clues will help Cam solve the case. The reading isn't too difficult and the series is pretty funny. So if you like detective books, then this book is for you.

JJ C. is a student in Burnell/Tompkins' Class