Legendary Pokémon: The Essential Guide – Sinnoh Edition

Written by Katherine Fang

Reviewed by Justin C. (age 8)


If you like Pokémon, you should read this book. You will learn all about the legendary Pokémon that live in Sinnoh. There are Pokémon like Shaymin, Dialga, Ginatino, and even Uxie! It will also tell you what the Pokémon’s special attacks are and where they live. One example of this is Cresslia. Her special attack is lunar dance and she lives on Fullmoon Island.

There is also a quiz in the back that you can take once you read the whole book. It has information about the book.

This book is very interesting especially for people out there who love Pokémon. I like this book so much because I love Pokémon. I like the Pokémon Giratina because it’s the only ghost dragon type.

I recommend book to people who love Pokémon (even adults). They should read this book because it will give you information about Pokémon.

Justin C. is a student in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center