Hank the Cowdog: Case of the Tricky Trap

Written by John R. Erickson

Reviewed by Kyle S. (age 13)

The Case of the Tricky Trap.jpg

Can a dog go on a case? Is it possible for him to solve the case? How does the dog solve it? This is a suspense-filled book where a dog helps man?

This book is a mystery where the dog helps his owner catch raccoons and becomes a hero. It's a Hank the Cow dog book.

This story is good because I like mysteries. The dog is good at helping to solve a case. I like how the dog chases the raccoons into the cage and they do not like it. Then they are scared of the dog.

I recommend this book to my girlfriend because the illustrations are funny. My cousins would like this book because it is a easy book to read and my family would laugh how this dog is talking through out the story.

Kyle S. is a student in Mrs. Price's 6th Grade Class