The Truth About Bats

Written by Eva Moore

Reviewed by Tershone P. (age 9)


I think this book was very interesting because it is about an animal. I also liked it because it was about bats, which are one of my favorite animals. Another reason is because Magic School Bus books are one of my favorite series of books.

This book was mostly about bats. It talked about all different kinds of bats. One bat talked about was the Spotted Bat. Spotted Bats have hears that look like bunny ears. Spotted bats also don?t like to be held.

I would recommend this book to others because it was about bats. I would also recommend it because there are different types of bats talked about in the book. Another reason I would recommend it is because it was funny!

Tershone P. is a student in Miss Stolzenberg's 3rd Grade Class