Read About a Wonderful Publishing Celebration at
the DuJardin School
in Bloomingdale, Illinois!

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, our First Official Premiere of The DuJardin Jaguar Spaghetti Book Club website went last night. It was unbelievable! Picture this... a gym decorated with red, green, and white helium balloons. Italian music playing in the background. The smell of pasta boiling and sauce filling the air. Tables decorated with red and white check table clothes, bread baskets, and spaghetti vases and carnation center pieces. Two serving tables... one for spaghetti and salad ... the other for desserts, drinks and coffee.

A chef cooking in the kitchen with two wonderful ladies serving up the spaghetti. This is what 75 adults and children saw when the came to the premiere last night. We mingled and greeted, ate a wonderful meal, and the "SHOW" began. Each child was brought up to the website and their review was premiered. After a reading, and applause the reviewer was presented with a certificate. Dessert was served after the event and everyone left with a full stomach and a smile on their face.

All the kids were sooooo excited and thrilled to see their work up on the big screen. What joy! I never seen such excitement. You are doing a wonderful thing for schools across the nation. If you ever need an endorsement or someone to help explain your program in the Chicagoland area just let me know. I would be happy to talk to them and tell them how easy and wonderful the whole program is.

Thanks for all you do to put smiles on kids faces. I have some pictures and a newspaper article if you are interested. I will send it to you. Just let me know. Thanks again. You and your group are an inspiration to all."

Peggy Schmuldt
DuJardin School
Bloomingdale, Illinois

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