Mrs. Kumanski's 4th Grade Class (2007-2008)

Yucaipa Elementary School - Yucaipa, CA, USA

Our Reviews:

Avatar the Last Airbender
Buster Makes the Grade
Cyclops Doesn't Rollerskate
Dingoes At Dinnertime
Earthquake in the Early Morning
The Family Under the Bridge
Katie Kazoo, Switcherzoo-Any Way You Slice It
Nintendo Heroes: Mario and the Incredible Rescue
Pee Wee Scouts: Sky Babies
Pee Wee Scouts: Spring Sprouts
Soccer Cats-The Captain Contest
The Winter of the Ice Wizard

Us - The Reviewers

Adrianna F.

Callista G.

Caston C.

Erica C.

Erik P.

Hannah H.

Ingrid L.

Isis C.

Kevin M.

Mayra G.

Samantha G.

Veronica F.