Lisa's 2nd Grade Class (2007-2008)

Manhattan New School - P.S. 290 - New York, NY, USA

Our Reviews:

The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes: The Best is Yet to Come
Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade
Drat! You Copycat! (Katie Kazoo Switcherro Series #7)
Fluffy and the Firefighters
Fluffy Goes Apple Picking
Fox and His Friends
Fox on Wheels
Franny K. Attack of the 50 ft Cupid
Girls Don't Have Cooties
Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peaky Spying
Junie B. Jones has a Peep in her Pocket
Lunch Walks Among Us (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist #1)
Magic Tree House: Twister On Tuesday
Marvin Redpost: Alone In His Teacher's House
Minnie and Moo and the Potato from Planet X
Mr. Louie Is Screwy! [My Weird School Series #20]
Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears
Mr. Putter and Tabby Stir the Soup
Mrs. Kormal is Not Normal
Mrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers! (My Weird School Series #18)
Ms. Coco Is Loco! (My Weird School Series #16)
Ms. LaGrange Is Strange! (My Weird School Series #8)
Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School Series #12)
Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot vs. The Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury (#1) (#2)
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Stupid Stinkbugs From Saturn
Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors(The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #3)
Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots
Young Cam Jansen and the Double Beach Mystery

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