Ms. Govek's 2nd Grade Class (2006-2007)

Robert Sanders Elementary School - San Jose, CA, USA

Our Reviews:

Beatrice Doesn't Want to
A Chair for My Mother
Curious George at the Fire Station
Digging Up Dinosaurs
Duck on a Bike
Is Your Mama a Llama
It's a Perfect Day
The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse
The Library
Madeline's Rescue
Marsha Makes Me Sick
The Mouse Who Wanted to Marry
Naughty Little Monkeys
Possum Come a-Knocking
The Story About Ping

Us - The Reviewers

Ana A. Destiny F. Geraldo R. Janelle D.
Jennifer S. Jose J. A. Jose V. Luis C.
Lynette F. Paola A. Richelle S. Samantha R.
Stefanie C. Tiana A. Velia E.