Mrs. Weaver's 1st Grade Class (2006-2007)

Bitburg Elementary School - Bitburg, Germany

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Our Reviews:

Are You My Mother?
Buzz and the Bubble Planet
Chicka Chicka ABC
David Gets in Trouble
Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree
Go, Dog Go!
The Good Bad Cat
Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae!
Home, Stinky Home
Honk! Honk!
I Am Lost
My World
P.J. Funnybunny Camps Out
Peekaboo! Was It You?
Shark Trouble
Speedy Little Race Cars
The Three Bears (1963)

Us - The Reviewers

Aeris L.

Andrew S.

Codi S.

Dalton N.

David B.

Derrissa M.

Donovan J.

Dylan G.

Emily A.

Erin A.

Isaac Z.

Isaiah C.

Kobe W.

Luke G.

Michael S.

Nicole D.

Sarah V.

Steven A.

Tristan K.