Pam's K-1 Class (1998-1999)

Manhattan New School - P.S. 290 - New York, NY, USA

Our class joined the Spaghetti Book Club thanks to the generosity of Happy Medium Productions, Inc.

Our Reviews:

Green Eggs and Ham
Heckedy Peg
I'm the King of the Mountain
It Didn't Frighten Me
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Itch! Itch!
Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
More Spaghetti, I Say
Oh No!

Us - The Reviewers

Aldin M.

Alex F.

Allie K.

Amanda F.

Caroline F.

Catharine D.

Charlie J.

Chelsea B.

Danielle D.

Danielle K.

Devon C.

Emily L.


Jacob G.

Jeanine F.

Jenna F.

Jordana G.

Karla K

Maeve F.

Patricia K.

Petrit K.

Ray A.

Reese L.

Sam A.

Sara V.

Stephen P.