Mrs. Hernandez's 5th Grade Class (2002-2003)

Eagleton Elementary School - Denver, CO, USA

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Our Reviews:

Charlotte's Web
Daddy's Not So Little Girl
Dorrie and the Screebit Ghost
The Egyptian Cinderella
Goosebumps - Beware the Snowman
Goosebumps - Ghost Beach
Goosebumps - Ghosts of Fear Street
Goosebumps - Monster Blood II
Goosebumps The Curse of the Mummy
The Journal of Joshus Loper
The Midnight Fox
Muggie Maggie
The Mystery of the Stolen Bike
Norma Jean, Jumping Bean
The Scary Princess
Space Cadets, Loosers in Space
Stuart Little
Welcome to the House of Death
The Whipping Boy

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