Class C103 (2002-2003)

Hillside Elementary School - Closter, NJ, USA

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Our Reviews:

Armadillo Tattletale
Big Al
Brave Norman
Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
Mary Anning Fossil Hunter
Molly's Pilgrim
Nice Try, Tooth Fairy
Thanksgiving At The Tappletons'
Turtle Bay
The Widow's Broom
Zoom Broom

Us - The Reviewers

Adam I.

Adi M.

Amir S.

Ayushi S.

Caroline M.

Christopher C.

David C.

Elana S.

Evan R.

Frankie P.

Gil S.

Grace K.

John B.

Joseph T.

Justin R.

Kadie D.

Katie K.

Kyohei M.

Lindsay I.

Lior S.

Mai W.

Marina L.

Rebecca S.

Yvoire L.

Zachary L.