Ms. Cenci's 1st Grade Class (2001-2002)

McKinley Elementary School - Long Beach, CA, USA

Our Reviews:

Ask Mr. Bear
Benjy's Dog House
Chicken Little
Clifford's Tricks
Dinosaur Days
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
The Foot Book
In a People House
The Jalapeno Man
Let's Go On a Picnic
The Monster in Harry's Backyard
My Bunny
My Mommy and Me
On the Day You Were Born
Soccer Game!
Teeny Tiny
Under The Water
The Worst Helper Ever
The Wrong Way Rabbit

Us - The Reviewers

Adela J.

Annais C.

Ashley H.

Cheyenne M.

Frankie A.

Gris L.

Imani B.

Jessenia A.

Jesus A.

Jocelyn G.

Juan U.

Kalana P.

Kaleah G.

Karens L.

Leydi P.

Luis C.

Marlissa S.

Sovandany W.

Zulema V.