Ms. Gretchen's 4th Grade Class (2001-2002)

Jefferson Elementary School - San Francisco, CA, USA

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Our Reviews:

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Angel in Charge
The Austere Academy
Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days
The Boxcar Children--The Copycat Mystery
Boys Against Girls
The Boys Start the War/ The Girls Get Even
The Broadway Ballplayers --Everyone's Favorite
Counting on Frank
Dolphin Luck
The Fairy's Mistake
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Fourth Grade Weirdo
Frankenstein Moves in on the Fourth Floor
Gib Rides Home
Goblins in the Castle
The Hobbit (#1) (#2)
Howliday Inn
The Indian in the Cupboard
Magic Tree House--Tiger at Twilight
The Reptile Room
Wayside School is Falling Down
The Wide Window
A Wind in the Door
A Wrinkle in Time

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