Mrs. Burnell & Mr. Tompkins' 3rd Grade Class (2013-2014)

Kent Primary School - Carmel, NY, USA

Our Reviews:

The 39 Clues: Storm Warning
A-Z Mysteries: The Jaguar's Jewel
The Adventures of Benny and Watch: Meet the Boxcar Children
Cabin Creek Mysteries -The Haunting of Hillside School
Cabin Creek Mysteries: The Clue At The Bottom Of The Lake (#1) (#2) (#3)
Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds (#1) (#2)
Eat My Dust! Henry Ford's First Race
Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement
Jack Russell: Dog Detective
The Magic Treehouse-The Knight At Dawn
Miss Nelson is Missing
My Sister the Vampire Love Bites
Poppleton Everyday
Sisters Grimm: The Council of Mirrors
Thanksgiving Thief (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew)
Who Stole Uncle Sam?
Who Would Win? Komodo Dragon vs. King Cobra
Why Do Cats Meow?

Us - The Reviewers

Bailey C.

Duncan D.

Elizabeth W.

Gabriella L.

Gillian C.

Gina D.

James W.

Jasmin R.

Julia A.

Kaela T.

Kate S.

Laila R.

Lindsey L.

Lucas A.

Matt M.

Matthew T.

Melanie J.

Michael P.

Peter C.

Reid H.

Sabrina D.

Thomas B.