Ms. Buckner's 3rd Grade Class (2013-2014)

Laurel Oak Elementary - Naples, FL, USA

Our Reviews:

Almost Home
Battle of the Labyrinth
Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball
The Candymakers
Double Dog Dare (#1) (#2)
Fake Mustache (#1) (#2) (#3)
The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook (#1) (#2)
Fly Guy #9: Buzz Boy and Fly Guy
Fourth Grade Rats
George Brown Class Clown: Help! I'm Stuck in a Giant Nostril
Glory Be (#1) (#2)
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies
Janitors (#1) (#2)
The Last Olympian
Lucky Ducklings
Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor
Make Way for Dumb Bunnies
Mr. Putter and Tabby Paint the Porch
Mr. Putter and Tabby Spill the Beans
Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book
The One and Only Ivan (#1) (#2)
Stay Away From Rat Boy
Touch Blue
A Trip to the Planets
Waiting for the Magic
Who Was Anne Frank?
Who Was Neal Armstrong?
The Wish Stealers (#1) (#2) (#3)
The Year of the Book (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5)
The Year of Miss Agnes

Us - The Reviewers

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Brianna M.

Dominic L.

Ethan A.

Evyenia W.

Ian K.

Julie M.

Katherine N.

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Matthew B.

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