Teacher Rebecca's 3rd Grade (2010-2011)

British Council - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Reviews:

Alien Alby
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Arnie the Doughnut
Big Fat Hen (#1) (#2)
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Clifford Takes a Trip
Dragons Don't Read Books
The Dressing Up Box
The Fox and the Goat
The Hare and the Tortoise
A Japanese Legend
Jason and the Golden Fleece
The Jungle Book
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Mr Silly
One Smiling Sister
Peter Rabbit
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Toy Story 2
The Ugly Duckling
Why Should I Save Water?

Us - The Reviewers

Adlina H.

Amnah A.

Annemarie K.M.
Azeem N.

Benjamin C.

Bryan S.

Celine H.

Chun Yip L.

Daniel R.

Danish N.

Ee Han C.

Elise K.
Faris Hazim F.
Hoh Jet

Hubert T.

Jia Yang P.

Jit Xuan L.

Jun Lik W.

Katherinna S.

Ken Ji W.

Max C.

Qi Yuan F.

Ramona K.

Samantha C.

Samson O.

Stella C.

Teng Lup C.

Vivian L.

Wei Jia H.

Wen Fei C.

Wen Rong W.

Xiang Xi C.

Xin Tong T.

Xiong Yuan Y.

Xuan Zhi W.
Yuki M.