Mrs. Herndon's 1st Grade Class (2000-2001)

Tustin Ranch Elementary - Tustin, CA, USA

Our Reviews:

The Baby
Bark, George
Bounce, Tigger, Bounce
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do you See?
Double Header
Five Silly Fishermen
Froggy Gets Dressed
Gingerbread Baby
Give Me Half!
Hurry, Santa!
I Like Stars
I Lost My Bear
Mama Loves
Nate the Great Goes Undercover
Pete's a Pizza
Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do You Hear?
Pooh's Best Friend
Three Cheers for Tacky

Us - The Reviewers

Ahmed Z.

Amin F.

Bobbi Lynn S.

Brandi S.

Brandon Le

Danielle K.

Diego J.

Eia V.

Grant S.

Jenna L.

Jordan F.

Mikki C.

Nathan T.

Neha G.

Rain H.

Spencer L.

Steven M.

Sydney M.