Mrs. Okamura's 5th Grade Class (2008-2009)

Running Springs Elementary School - Anaheim, CA, USA

Our Reviews:

Anne of Green Gables
Artemis Fowl
Bedtime Stories
Blizzard of the Blue Moon
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw
Dragon Rider
George's Marvelous Medicine
The Great Railroad Race
The Journal of Ben Uchida
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Friends for Never
The Lightning Thief
Little House Farm Days
Lunch Money
Molly Saves the Day
Night of the Living Dummy III
Our Strange New Land
Pandora Gets Vain
The Shakespeare Stealer
Shakespeare's Secret
Spider Storch's Desperate Deal
The Starving Time
The Tail of Emily Windsnap
Why Not Lafayette?
The Wizard Heir

Us - The Reviewers

Alyssa G.


Amanda Y.

Angelica F.

Arian K.

Azadeh D.

Cassidy L.

Emmalee S.

Gavin G.

Jacob E.

James H.

Jeran H.

Joel P.

Justin D.

Kenton Q.

Kirra P.

Kirsten P.



Martin M.

Matt F.

Megan H.

Michael K.

Mikaila R.

Miriam S.

Niki M.

Niklas G.

Pasha G.

Robert K.

Rylee H.

Scott S.