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Wells, Robert Is the Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There is?
Wells, Rosemary Be My Valentine
Wells, Rosemary Bunny Cakes
Wells, Rosemary Bunny Money
Wells, Rosemary Emily's 100th Day of School
Wells, Rosemary Happy Halloween (Max and Ruby)
Wells, Rosemary Max Cleans Up
Wells, Rosemary Max's Dragon Shirt
Wells, Rosemary McDuff Moves In
Wells, Rosemary Noisy Nora
Wells (adaptation of), H.G. The Time Machine
Weninger, Brigitte Little Apple A Book of Thanks
Weninger, Brigitte Merry Christmas Davy!
West, Cindy Cowboy Mickey
West, Judy Have you got my Purr?
West, Tracey The Boss Baby
West, Tracey Cyborg Come Home
West, Tracey Get Well, Pikachu!
West, Tracey The Golden Weapons
West, Tracey Grievous Attacks!
West, Tracey Mewtwo Strikes Back
West, Tracey Nintendo Heroes: Mario and the Incredible Rescue
West, Tracey Pixie Tricks The Angry Elf
West, Tracey Pixie Tricks Sporty Sprite
West, Tracey Pokemon - I Choose You!
West, Tracey Pokemon The Haunted Gym
West, Tracey Pokemon Let it Snow !
West, Tracey Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back
West, Tracey Spy Academy
West, Tracey Tough Enough
West, Tracey The Way of the Ninja
West, Tracy Pixie Tricks - The Greedy Gremlin
West, Tracy Poke'man Heros
West (adapted by), Tracy Pokemon - Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
West (adapted by), Tracy Pokemon - Night in the Haunted Tower
West (adapted by), Tracy Pokemon-Pikachu's Vacation
West (adapted by), Tracy Pokemon: Pikachu in Love
Westcott, Nadine Bernard The Bookstore Burglar
Wettersten, Ellen Perez and Martina: A Folktale from Puerto Rico
Wexo, John Bonnett Snakes
Weyn, Suzanne Diamond
Weyn, Suzanne Distant Waves
Weyn, Suzanne Snowflake
Wheeler, Cindy Bookstore Cat
Wheeler, Lisa Dino-Basketball
Whelan, Gloria Silver
Whelen, Gloria Hannah
Whipple, Remember Journey To The New World
Whitcomb, Mary E. Odd Velvet
White, E.B. Charlotte's Web
White, E.B. Stewart Little
White, E.B. Stuart Little
White, E.B. The Trumpet of the Swan
White, Ellen Emerson Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty, United States Marine Corps
White, Ellen Emerson Voyage on the Great Titanic
White, Stephen Barney Says Please and Thank You
White-Carlstrom, Nancy What a Scare Jesse Bear
Whitehead Nagda, Ann Dear Whiskers
Whitney, Alma Marshak Uncle Max's Secret
Whybrow, Ian Little Wolf's Book of Badness
Whybrow, Ian Where's Tim's Ted?
Widr, Alice It's Present Day
Wiesner, David Flotsam
Wiesner, David The Three Pigs
Wigand, Molly Rugrats Vacation
Wilcox, Brad Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae!
Wilcox, Leah Falling for Rapunzel
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Christmas in the Big Woods
Wilder, Laura Ingalls The Deer in the Wood
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Farmer Boy
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Little House in the Big Woods
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Little House on the Prairie
Wilder, Laura Ingalls Little House on Rocky Ridge
Wilder, Laura Ingalls The Long Winter
Wilder, Laura Ingalls On The Banks of Plum Creek
Wilder, Melissa Little House by Boston Bay
Wildsmith, Brian Cat on the Mat
Wildsmith, Brian Squirrels
Wiles, Deborah Each Little Bird That Sings
Wiles, Deborah Love, Ruby Lavender
Wilhelm, Hans I Am Lost
Wilkes, Angela Jungles
Wilkinson, Carole Deep Water
Willard, Barbara Son of Charlemagne
Willard, Eliza Jackie Chan Adventures- Day of the Dragon
Willard, Eliza Mary Kate and Ashley : Our Lips are Sealed
Willard, Eliza New York Minute
Willems, ??? Diva and Flea
Willems, Mo Are You Ready To Play Outside?
Willems, Mo Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
Willems, Mo Edwina
Willems, Mo I Love My New Toy
Willems, Mo I Really Like Slop
Willems, Mo I'm a Frog
Willems, Mo Leonardo the Terrible Monster
Willems, Mo Listen To My Trumpet
Willems, Mo My Friend is Sad
Willems, Mo My New Friend Is So Fun!
Willems, Mo The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog
Willems, Mo The Pigeon Needs A Bath

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