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Authors Title
Hoban, Lillian Arthur's Honey Bear
Hoban, Lillian Arthur's Honey Bear
Hoban, Lillian Arthur's Loose Tooth
Hoban, Russsell A Bargain For Frances
Hoban, Russsell A Birthday For Frances
Hoban, Russsell Bread and Jam for Frances
Hobbs, Valerie Sheep
Hobbs, Will Down the Yukon
Hobbs, Will Jason's Gold
Hobbs, Will Kokopelli's Flute
Hoberman, Mary Ann It's Simple, Said Simon
Hoberman, Mary Ann The Seven Silly Eaters
Hoddix, Margaret P. The Girl With 500 Middle Names
Hodges, Margaret Saint George and the Dragon
Hoestlandt, Jo Star of Fear, Star of Hope
Hoeye, Michael NoTime Like Show Time
Hoff, Syd Arturo's Baton
Hoff, Syd Barkley
Hoff, Syd Captain Cat
Hoff, Syd Danny and the Dinosaur
Hoff, Syd Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp
Hoff, Syd Grizzwold
Hoff, Syd Happy Birthday Danny and the Dinosaur!
Hoff, Syd The Horse in Harry's Room
Hoff, Syd Julius
Hoff, Syd The Lighthouse Children
Hoff, Syd The Littlest Leaguer
Hoff, Syd Sammy the Seal
Hoffman, Alice Aquamarine
Hoffman, Alice Green Angel
Hoffman, E.T.A. The Nutcracker
Hoffman, Mary Boundless Grace
Hogg, Gary Hair in the Air - Spencer's Adventures
Hoggan, Kathy Morty's Roadside Refreshments
Hogrogian, Nonny One Fine Day
Holabird, Katherine Angelina Ballerina
Holabird, Katherine Angelina's Birthday
Holeinone, Peter The Story of Cinderella and Other Tales
Holm, Jennifer Boston Jane: An Adventure
Holm, Jennifer Camp Babymouse
Holm, Jennifer Our Only May Amelia
Holm, Jennifer Squish: Captain Disaster
Holm, Jennifer Turtle In Paradise
Holmes, Kevin Lions
Holohan, Maureen The Broadway Ballplayers --Everyone's Favorite
Holt, Kimberly Keeper of the Night
Holt, Kimberly My Louisiana Sky
Holt, Kimberly Piper Reed The Great Gypsy
Holt, Kimberly Piper Reed Navy Brat
Holt, Kimberly When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
Holt, Sharon Don't Embarrass Me, Dad
Holtzman, Caren A Quarter from the Tooth Fairy
Holub, Joan Athena the brain
Holub, Joan Scat, Cats!
Holub, Joan Shampoodle
Holub, Joan Who Was Babe Ruth?
Holub, Joan Why Do Cats Meow?
Homzie, H. B. Alien Clones from Outer Space
Honeycutt, Natalie Invisible Lissa
Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas The Sign Painters Secret
Hooks, William Mr. Monster
Hooks, William H. Where's Lulu?
Hoose, Phillip and Hannah Hey, Little Ant
Hopkinson, Deborah Sweet Clara and The Freedom Quilt
Horowitz, Anthony Stormbreaker
Hort, Lenny The Seals On The Bus
Horvath, Polly Everything on a Waffle
Houston, Gloria My Great-Aunt Arizona
Howard, Ryan & Krystle Little Rhino: Dugout Hero
Howe, Deborah and James Bunnicula
Howe, Deborah and James Teddy Bear's Scrapbook
Howe, James Bunnicula and Friends: The Vampire Bunny
Howe, James Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow
Howe, James Bunnicula Strikes Again
Howe, James The Celery Stalks at Midnight
Howe, James Great Uncle Dracula
Howe, James Howliday Inn
Howe, James It Came from Beneath the Bed
Howe, James Nighty-Nightmare
Howe, James Pinky and Rex and the Bully
Howe, James Pinky and Rex and the Just-Right Pet
Howe, James Pinky and Rex and the Mean Old Witch
Howe, James Pinky and Rex and the New Baby
Howe, James Pinky and Rex and the School Play
Howe, James Pinky and Rex and the Spelling Bee
Howe, James Pinky and Rex Go to Camp
Howe, James Return to Howliday Inn
Howitt, Mary The Spider and the Fly
Huchet Bishop, Claire The Five Chinese Brothers
Huchet Bishop, Claire Ten and Twenty
Huck, Charlotte Princess Furball
Hudson, Cheryl ABC Book
Hudson, Cheryl Bright Eyes, Brown Skin
Hughes, Dean Making The Team
Hughes, Francine We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story:The Wildest Show On Earth
Hughes, Langston My Black Me
Hughes, Ted The Iron Giant
Huliska-Beith, Laura The Book of Bad Ideas
Huneck, Steven Sally Goes to the Mountain
Hunt, Lynda Mullaly Fish in a Tree

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