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Authors Title
Christopher, Matt Snowboard Showdown
Christopher, Matt Soccer Cats-The Captain Contest
Christopher, Matt Soccer Halfback
Christopher, Matt Touchdown for Tommy
Christopher, Matt Tough to Tackle
Christopher, Matt Undercover Tailback
Christopher, Matt The Year Mom Won the Pennant
Ciavonne, Jean Carlos, Light the Farolito
Ciencin, Scott Jurassic Park Adventures Survivor
Clairday, Robynn Expect the Unexpected
Clare, Pastore Journey to America: Fiona McGilray's Story: A Voyage from Ireland in 1849
Clarke, Ginjer Baby Alligator
Claverie, Jean The Three Little Pigs
Claybourne, Anna 100 Deadliest Things On the Planet
Cleary, Beverly Beezus and Ramona
Cleary, Beverly Dear Mr. Henshaw
Cleary, Beverly Ellen Tebbits
Cleary, Beverly From Ramona Forever
Cleary, Beverly Henry and Beezus
Cleary, Beverly Henry and the Clubhouse
Cleary, Beverly Henry and the Paper Route
Cleary, Beverly Henry and Ribsy
Cleary, Beverly Mitch and Amy
Cleary, Beverly The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Cleary, Beverly Muggie Maggie
Cleary, Beverly Otis Spofford
Cleary, Beverly Ralph and the Motorcycle
Cleary, Beverly Ralph S. Mouse
Cleary, Beverly Ramona and Her Father
Cleary, Beverly Ramona and Her Mother
Cleary, Beverly Ramona The Brave
Cleary, Beverly Ramona the Pest
Cleary, Beverly Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Cleary, Beverly Ramona's World
Cleary, Beverly Ribsy
Cleary, Beverly Runaway Ralph
Cleary, Beverly Socks
Cleary, Beverly Strider
Cleary, Beverly Two Times the Fun
Clement, Claude The Hungry Duckling
Clement, Rod Counting on Frank
Clement, Rod Grandpa's Teeth
Clements, Andrew Big Al
Clements, Andrew Brave Norman
Clements, Andrew Dolores and the Big Fire: A True Story
Clements, Andrew Dork in Disguise
Clements, Andrew Extra Credit
Clements, Andrew Frindle
Clements, Andrew The Jacket
Clements, Andrew Jake Drake Know-it-All
Clements, Andrew Jake Drake- Bully Buster
Clements, Andrew Janitor's Boy
Clements, Andrew The Landry News
Clements, Andrew The Last Holiday Concert
Clements, Andrew Lunch Money
Clements, Andrew No Talking!
Clements, Andrew The Report Card
Clements, Andrew Room One
Clements, Andrew The School Story
Clements, Andrew Things Not Seen
Clements, Andrew Troublemaker
Clements, Andrew A Week In The Woods
Clements, Cindy and Zach Jen and Ten Hens
Clements, Cindy and Zach Pop, Pop, Pop!
Clifford, Eth Flat Foot Fox and the Mystery of the Missing Schoolhouse
Clifton, Lutricia Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
Climo, Shirley The Egyptian Cinderella
Clover, Peter Sheltie Goes to School
Clover, Peter Sheltie Saves The Day
Clymer, Susan There's a Hamster in My Lunchbox
Coats, Lucy One Smiling Sister
Cobb, Vickie Dirt and Grime Like You've Never Seen!
Cocca-Leffler, Maryann Mr. Tanen's Ties
Coccal Leffler, Maryann Ice-Cold Birthday
Coco, Eugene Bradley Freckles Sneaks Out
Coco, Eugene Bradley Mom's Day Off
Cody, Mathew Powerless
Cody Kimmel, Elizabeth Glamsters
Coelho, Paulo The Alchemist
Coerr, Eleanor The Big Balloon Race
Coerr, Eleanor The Josefina Story Quilt
Coerr, Eleanor Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Coffelt, Nancy Dogs in Space
Coffery, Jesse Bacon And Beans From a Gold Pan
Cohen, Barbara Molly's Pilgrim
Cohen, Caron Lee Where's The Fly?
Cohen, Miriam Second Grade Friends
Cohen, Miriam Second Grade Friend's Again
Cohen, Mirriam Will I Have a Friend?
Cohlene, Terri Quillworker - A Cheyenne Legend
Cohn, D.S.W., Janice The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate
Colandro, Lucille There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell!
Colandro, Lucille There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow
Colandro, Lucille Who Grows up in the Ocean?
Cole, Babette Prince Cinders
Cole, Babette Princess Smartypants
Cole, Joanna Bony Legs
Cole, Joanna Buster Cat Goes Out
Cole, Joanna Hungry, Hungry Sharks
Cole, Joanna The Magic School Bus

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